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Opencart Development


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  • Compatible with Opencart 1.5.6,
    Opencart 2.0, Opencart 2.1
  • Responsive Ecommerce Site
  • Lightweight Coding & Secure
  • Multi- Store, Currency & Lingual
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
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Opencart Development

Multi-Store Ecommerce

OpenCart is an multi-store ecommerce platform, which allows you to manage 2 or many stores from the same dashboard where you can use different themes for different stores, thereby the stores look completely different.

Live Theme Customization

Now you can build a beautiful store without coding, with the support of numerous modules. These modules are managed in the theme options or they are placed in a specific order in layout.

Powerful Menu System

Menu is an important part of any website, it is the way users interact with your site and with Megamenu menu, you can build up a friendly and flexible menu system. With Off Canvas Menu , you can support to improve megamenu, default opencart menu, left column and right column even in tablets and mobile screens.

Multiple Payment Gateways

With Opencart you can handle all tasks like payments and shipping including multiple shipping options as well as multiple payment gateways at the same time, and also manage reward points, discounts, affiliates etc.

Multi Lingual and Currency

With OpenCart it is easy to add any language or currency to the administration and your visitors can change language or currency just by clicking icon to switch.

Fully SEO Friendly

Having high search engine ranking for your ecommerce store can create high number of sales. OpenCart allows you to optimise your ecommerce store indexed by all major search engines and includes support for custom META tags.

Optional Features

  1. Analyse Statistics

    This feature allows you to generate all types of reports such as, Sales Report, Products Viewed, Products Purchased reports etc.

  2. Different Customer Groups

    With this feature you can setup a default customer group for each store by distinguishing them into retail and wholesale customers. This also allows you to give special privileges to selected group of customers or special pricing for credit purchasers etc.

  3. Custom Skins

    With this feature you can change background color/image, set link and button color etc.

  4. CSS & JS Tools

    With this feature you can add CSS code and JavaScript tool support in control panel module.

  5. Unlimited Font Styles

    This feature gives the advantage of unlimited selectors in font styles and customize as per your requirements.

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Opencart Development Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Opencart?

OpenCart is a dynamic and robust e-Commerce platform which is simple to work with and lightening fast. OpenCart is an open-source PHP based ecommerce software using a MySQL database and HTML components.

Between Magento and Opencart , which ecommerce solution is right for our business?

This depends on your needs, your budget, the number of products, importance you give to SEO, content strategy and the capabilities you want to integrate into your new site. You can start an online store for free in minutes or build a custom online shopping experience that encompasses multiple stores selling globally. Open Cart is great for start-ups and speed to market. It provides a powerful ecommerce shopping cart and great tools with a minimal investment.

Who uses Opencart?

Opencart is basically for people who want to start an online store – most suitable for small and medium sized online stores.

What are the advantages of using Opencart?

These can be described as follows:
- It is easy to install and you can launch a store faster.
- Less Investment Cost with cost-effective themes/modules.
- Speed is enhanced with lightweight coding.
- Easy to control by end users.

Can you show some examples of your Opencart themes ?

You can see our latest work here. For more Opencart service examples, feel free to send us an email at

What all payment methods are supported by Opencart?

Opencart supports PayPal,, Moneybookers, 2Checkout etc. Moreover it also supports options such as Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, and Money order as well.

Is it easy to customize Opencart? How can it be done?

Yes, regarding modifying existing Controller, Models, Languages you either need to use vQmod or OCMOD and for template, you can create your own template according to your need. With vQmod or OCMOD there’s no need to worry about updates.

Can we apply free shipping to an order?

Yes, Opencart offers the possibility for all sorts of customer incentives and deals. A customer can see the free shipping option on the product page if the basket is bigger than a pre-defined value.

Does a huge /system/logs/error.txt file affects Opencart's functionality?

Yes, it will slow down your server and it is necessary to fix all errors. It may cause some functions not working properly or may take too much time to open a log file.

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