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PSD to Responsive Drupal


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  • Clean W3C Validation
  • Responsive Drupal Website
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • SEO Friendly Coding
  • User Friendly Interface
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PSD to Responsive Drupal

Standards-Compliant Code

We do the ground up coding using W3C standards and taking into account accessibility guidelines (WCAG) and every single line of code is written by hand for each new project.

SEO Oriented Engineering

Acquire top position in Search Engine Result Pages by SEO semantic coding.

Creative Content

We can help you to manage content with an easy-to-use web interface. Drupal's flexibility handles countless content types including video, text, blog, podcasts, and polls with robust user management, menu handling, real-time statistics and optional revision control.

Easy to Connect

Drupal makes it easy to connect your website to other sites and services across the web, using aggregation, feeds, and search engine connection capabilities. It also supports social networking integration to help you engage with a wider audience.

Mobile Optimized Themes

All our built-in themes are responsive, and even administration pages are a snap to use on mobile devices. Our new administration experience features a lightweight, mobile-first Back to Site button that leads back to the last frontend page.

In-built Search

With Drupal you can have your own internal search engine providing the standard or advanced modes of searching by default. If you just want to use Google as your Drupal website search engine, a simple module can be easily installed.

Optional Features

  1. Multilingual

    We can configure Drupal to deliver sites to a global, multilingual audience as part of your localization strategy.

  2. Content Syndication

    Every page or section within a Drupal website can be published as an RSS feed if required

  3. Flexible Taxonomy and Menu Structures

    The taxonomy module provides limitless customisation over the content categories as well as the menu structure can be configured in any manner required.

  4. Javascript Coding

    Our zealous team has best in class JS development capabilities offering custom solutions for each of our clients.

  5. E-Commerce platforms

    Team Punchpixels can help you to build best e-commerce platforms using WooCommerce, Virtuemart and Magento.

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PSD to Responsive Drupal Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source platform and content management system equipped with powerful blend of features and configurability, supporting a diverse range of web projects ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven sites.

What is PSD to Drupal conversion service?

Through PSD to Drupal conversion, we convert the Photoshop files having different extensions such as .png, .psd, .jpeg and .ai into Drupal. Our integration process comprises slicing, modifying and coding PSD files.

What version of Drupal does Punchpixels support?

At the moment, most of our themes support Drupal 7 version. Recently some themes are being built on Drupal 8. When Drupal 8 is stable, we’ll provide more Drupal 8 themes.

Why does Drupal need a database?

Drupal stores its information in the form of individual pages, the registered users etc in the database and forms the back-end of Drupal site.

What databases are supported by Drupal ?

Drupal supports MySQL (or an equivalent such as MariaDB), PostgreSQL, and SQLite for Drupal 7.

What are the system requirements for my Drupal server?

Being based on PHP, Drupal is pretty light on system resources. The only restriction is on the database.

How long will it take to get my project accomplished?

We assure you to commence your project right from the day you order and accomplish your project within stipulated time frame as we value your time.

Is it possible to migrate Wordpress site to Drupal?

Yes, you can with the help of Wordpress Import and Wordpress Migrate.

What are Modules in Drupal?

A module is a collection of functions that link into Drupal, providing additional functionality to your Drupal installation.

Does Drupal perform the function of feed agrregator?

Yes. You can now use the news aggregator,a powerful on-site RSS news reader that gathers fresh content from news sites and weblogs around the web and make it available on your site.

How do I run one Drupal site across multiple domains?

By using Domain Access Module you can do multi-site configurations or you can refer the handbook for installation instructions.

What license does Drupal use for its code?

GNU GPL license, version 2 applies to Drupal as well as any modules and theme engines.

How my design will be handled while migrating to Drupal?

We make sure not to affect the data of the existing platform and follow a clean procedure including permission, content separation and role of users to determine ideal structuring and placement of content. We make sure the project turns out to be as per your requirements, while maintaining the design integrity of your website.

Do you determine components through design or wireframes?

Offcourse, through wireframes. Think of a component as a piece of furniture which you can pick up and move to a different location. Often there is a direct correlation with a Drupal site building technique: image style, view mode for a content type, a block, etc. You probably have a list of things you need to build for your client, all that can be put into a wireframe; making it a complete design.

Do you use automated tool to slice and export PSD files?

Nope, we never do anything automated with cutting up images and extract the assets manually from design files.

Is there any provision for providing additional customization service to our project if required?

Yes, we do. But for extra services you would be charged as per the requirements of your project.

How do I determine if Drupal is the right choice for my unit’s website?

You should consider Drupal for the following reasons :
- A site that has more than one content contributor and allows those contributors to edit and update content on the site pages.
- A site that may require review or approval of content before it is published.
- A site that can contain numerous pages of the same content type (e.g., stories)
- A site that allows for content to be consumed using an automatically-updated feed (e.g., an RSS feed of recent stories).
- A site that can be updated using a web browser from anywhere and on any computer.

Can I duplicate my site?

Yes, you can duplicate your site and use it as a template for a new site. Duplicating a site will copy saved themes, modules, settings, along with the content created.

Is there any provision for exporting my site elsewhere?

Yes. Even if your site is managed by Punchpixels, you can export your website to a archive file, which you can then use to host your site locally or on another hosting service, such as Acquia Cloud.

Are the prices per site or per account?

Each subscription that you purchase applies to a single Punchpixels website.

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